Qualcomm MSM7225A and MSM7227A specifications and performance revealed

New cheap Android phones as p.e.  ZTE Blade II and Huawei Ascend G300 are coming into market and they are succesfull. Both of those models are powered by Qualcomm MSM7227A SoCs.

Some shops specified them as using ARMv7 CPU, but we already discussed MSM7x25 andMSM7x27  a year ago and we are definitely sure, that  MSM7x27 is ARM1136JF-S core implementation.

So do we have wrong information? Are their specifications valid or not?

Thanks to XDA Developers member HUdasp, we finally have got a missing piece to Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 specifications mosaic. Those chips was previously known as Mobile Station Modems (MSM), but a year agom Qualcomm marketing decided to move them to Snapdragon family, allowing devices manufacturers to position their MSM7x2x based devices as containing Snapdragon SoC. “Snapdragon Inside” sounds pretty well, but what is reality?

MSM 7×27-T (aka MSM7x27 Turbo) was just same chip operating by higher frequency. MSM7x27A and MSM7x25A are based on completely new design. Not only die-shrink from 65 to 45nm, but even architecture step up to Cortex-A5. And, moreover, you can see that MSM7x25A does contain Ardeno200 GPU!

Qualcomm decided not to use new model numbering probably to market those SoCs as easy replacement of  MSM7x25 and MSM7x27. 

Snapdragon S1 detailed specifications

(Click to picture to see in original size)

Concerning row performance, we can count it from ARM Cortex A5 specifications:

MSM7x25       528 MHz x 1.25 DMIPS/MHz =   660 DMIPS
         600 MHz x 1.25 DMIPS/MHz =   750 DMIPS
MSM7x27-T    800 MHz x 1.25 DMIPS/MHz = 1000 DMIPS
MSM7x25A      800 MHz x 1.57 DMIPS/MHz =  1256 DMIPS
MSM7x27A   1000 MHz x 1.57 DMIPS/MHz = 1570 DMIPS

Conlusion: New Qualcomm  MSM7x27A  and MSM7x25A SoCs bring a performance increase about +60-110% over their predecessors not only by  higher operational frequency, but more due their new Cortex-A5 architecture.  In addition, MSM7x25A got graphic core, what was missing in MSM7x25. Both SoCs are capable of processing complete ARMv7 instruction set. (Source: Qualcomm Snapdragon detailed specifications)

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10 Responses to Qualcomm MSM7225A and MSM7227A specifications and performance revealed

  1. Rahul says:

    thanx for the detailed info man …. i was searching for it from hrs.

  2. leelanaresh says:

    thank u very much for your information

  3. xfim says:

    What is the differencr between Adreno 200 and Adreno 200 enhanced?
    And thanks for Msm722xA info…

  4. Maks says:

    Which is better MSM7227A or MSM7225A ??

    • Tomkan says:

      MSM7227A has a higher operating frequency (and then is a bit faster) than MSM7225A.
      On the other hand, you can choose slower MSM7225A for longer on-battery time.

  5. Sam Flynn says:

    Thank you for this review and all the comments made. I was a power user, using the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000. However, after breaking my phone and not being able to afford a screen replacement, I’m having to opt for a budget phone now (also don’t have much time playing 3D games like Arcane Legends, SSF4, etc). Knowing that the LG L3 II (E430) will have an MSM7225A chip running at 1GHZ and Adreno 200 is comforting to me, especially now that I’ve been educated by all of you. Thank you again ^_^

  6. Sam Flynn says:

    Correction: The chip is stated by some sources as MSM7225AB.

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