Why Apple does not make iPad Mini

Today a new information concerning Apple’s 7.85″ iPad Mini tablet started to whirl around the world.

I”m very skeptical concerning Apple Mini and the table below tells you why I am:

Apple iPad manufacturing costs

Apple is selling their product with at least 60% price margin. It is logical, Apple has to maintain iOS, product desing, development etc. But the cheapest tablet they are producing (old  iPad2 version w/o3G module) has still manufacturing cost at least $250.

Smaller tablets use mostly the same components, except of LCD – so there is space for  saving about $20. All the other, incl. CPU would be the same – Apple wouldn’t allow to sent out a device with worse performance than existing one. And as display resolution is expected to be at leat 1024×768, there must be at least same A5 CPU as inside of iPad2.

Simply sad: iPad mini manufacturing would be too expensive to enable Apple to sold it for competitive price. 

Source: Adrian Kinsley/Hudget at ZDBlog

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