AmLogic AML8726-MX specs revealed

Architecture of yesterday announced AmLogic AML8726-MX CPU is now revealed a bit more.

 AmLogic AML8726-MX CPU architecture

CPU part is (as you may expect), double of  AML8726-M (Cortex-A9) ARM core.  Amlogic annouced 7500 DMIPS, from which fact we have deducted 1,5GHz operational frequency:

7500 DMIPS / 2 cores / 2,5 DMIPS per MHz  = 1,5Ghz 

But what about graphics? We already speculated  about GPU: Now its confirmed,  there are two Mali-400 GPU cores inside, operating at 300-400 MHz, giving this chip power up to 88 Mtriangles/s 44 Mtriangles/s and fill rate 3.2 GPixels/s 800 MPixel/s. (apologize, I did not noticed that 800 MPixels mentioned in Mali400MP specifications on ARM website is not for one core, but for 4-core config @200MHz).

Just compare those figures with iPad GPU performance:

  • iPad: PowerVR SGX535 … 28 MTri/s, 500MP/s
  • iPad2 PowerVR SGX543MP2 … 70 MTri/s, 2000MP/s
  • new iPad:  PowerVR SGX543MP4 … 140 MTri/s, 4000MP/s
  • a tablet with AML8726-MX: dual Mali-400MP@400MHz… 44 MTri/s, 800MP/s
  • a tablet with Rockchip RK3066: quad Mali-400MP@266MHz  … 30MTri/s, 1066MP/s

Please, realize that new iPad has 4-times more pixels to work with, which is huge amount of work for GPU (and cause of new iPad overheating issues) . For displays used  in 7″ tablets (mostly 1024×600 and sometimes just 800×480), 1Gpixel/s is more than enough to bring very good graphical and game performance.

(sources, Google translated: ,
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15 Responses to AmLogic AML8726-MX specs revealed

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  7. Popolon says:

    If 4*200Mhz = 88 Mtriangles/s & 3.2 GPixels/s, 2* 400Mhz, should be about the same ;).
    The base after Lima driver tests, is about 1pixel/processor/clock/s with limitation when vertex count capacity is reached, so very approximativly and really ”theorically” 2*400M = 8GPixels/s => 3.2 seems to be a good value in practice with bus/ram… limitation but no good reason to divide by 3 a 2* 400 MHz vs a 4* 200MHz version.

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  10. stickpage says:

    I love it when folks get together and share opinions. Great site, continue the good work!

  11. dave says:

    Seems pretty underspecced comparing it to high end Android phones/tablets.

    • charles dexter ward says:

      Even compared to mid end gadgets nowdays remains as low end, sadly, december 2013, and this are still being used on new products.

  12. Johne527 says:

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